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The Headhouse nearing completion, but still unlit, 25 January 2015

The Megan Winslow Memorial Transit Hub, often shortened to the Winslow Transit Hub, is a transit hub straddling the border of the neighborhoods of Quinton and City Center, Adustelan. It is the central dispatch point for all current CIPTA Adustelan City Bus routes, while also incorporating some intercity services, numerous taxi services, along with two Adustelan Metro stations: Trade Center-Winslow (A, C, D) and Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (A, C, E).

The transit hub is named for former Adustelan mayor Megan Winslow.

As of January 2016, its upper floors are also home to the Adustelan Department of Transportation.

Development in Minecraft

The building was started by StaticAnnouncement as an offshoot of the renovation of what is now Exit 29 of the Dexonharzleman Expressway (I-C4) on December 17, 2014. The building was left as a hollow shell for about a month, but progress on the building started again on January 23, 2015.

Winslow Transit Hub from the west side, with the Intercity Bus Terminal on the left and the City Bus Dispatch on the right, 24 May 2015