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West Piers-Quinton Tunnel
The WPQ Tunnel's western portal in West Piers, October 2016
The WPQ Tunnel's western portal in West Piers, October 2016
General Information
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started December 26, 1967
Completed 1971
Location City of Adustelan

(connects the neighborhoods of West Piers and Quinton

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Traffic Information
Carries 6 lanes of I-C21.png
Toll Free
Technical Details
Length Unmeasured
Tunnel Clearance Unmeasured
Longest tunnel in Adustelan? 1971 - present
Primary Building Materials Sandstone, Cobblestone
Added to ARHP Never

The West Piers-Quinton Tunnel (WPQ) is a freeway tunnel that passes under the Jennaviva River along with many neighborhoods to the river's immediate east, while connecting the neighborhoods of West Piers and Quinton, both in the City of Adustelan . The tunnel carries six lanes of the Colbert Freeway (I-C21) its entire length. Since opening in 1971, it is both the most heavily traveled crossing of the Jennaviva River as well as the longest tunnel in the City of Adustelan.

Development in Minecraft

The tunnel was built in mid-December 2014 by FalconStorm as part of the I-C21 construction project; it connects the formerly separate western segment, made by FalconStorm as well, with the eastern segment, made by StaticAnnouncement.

Updates to the tunnel began on February 20, 2017.

The WPQ Tunnel's eastern portal in Quinton, October 2016