Carraway Island Wiki
Municipality of West Lakes
Country: Carraway Island
Counties: Sagemas
Settled: ca. 1300s (as Dolan Sage)

1846 (as West Lakes)

Incorporated as a City: 1904
Type: Mayor-council
Mayor: Trevor Hutchmill
Estimate (2019): 174,990
Rank: 3rd, Carraway Island
Other Information
Demonym: West Lakesman

West Lakes (originally Dolan Sage) is a city located about 40 miles west of Adustelan Bay. The city is settled between two small lakes, Lake Sage and Lake Palmont. It is the easternmost city in Sagemas as well as the county seat, and serves as a commuter city for Adustelan. As of the 2019 census the town has a population of 174,990, making it the third-largest city in the country.

By annual precipitation, it is the rainiest city in the country.

History (fictional)

Originally a small fishing village called Dolan Sage (from "dolan" meaning "clear" and "sage" meaning "lake"), West Lakes was one of the last settlements originally developed by the indiginous people of Carraway Island; it was believed to have been settled sometime in the 1300s. However, its population succumed to the avian flu along with the rest of the island in the 1400s.

West Lakes was re-settled in 1846 by Stephan Van Palmont, a weathly real estate mogul from the United States, as a vacation spot for his family. In later years many of the island's wealthy, as well as those from other countries, began settling the area. By the 1870s the land around the town became a farming community and was a vital supplier of wheat for the island. In the early 1900s, Van Palmont foresaw the City of Adustelan's rapid growth and thusly began turning West Lakes into a suburban community. He forced the farmers from their land, causing the Farmer's Riots of 1904, and began development of the area. Upon Van Palmont's death in 1911 the town's growth rate was low, though skyrocketed in the 1920s with overflow from Adustelan. Although the city existed in 1930, when the Carraway Island constitution was drafted, the mayor at the time, Thomas Delancey, was not present at the initial signing and ratification of the constitution on November 8, 1931, as he was visiting family in San Francisco. His signature would be appended a week later.

Development in Minecraft

West Lakes is a city founded by FalconStorm that was started in October 2014.