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Carraway Island Route 62-V
CIR 62V.png
Route Information
Existed: 1994-present
Counties: Rilloq
Local Names: Werkheiser Viaduct
Major Junctions
West Terminus: CIR 62.pngCIR 62 / Hall Boulevard
East Terminus: City Center, Adustelan (Soundsurf & Ocean Avenues)

The Werkheiser Viaduct is a former railway viaduct located mainly above Werkheiser Street in the City of Adustelan, which currently serves as a short limited-access highway between City Center and the neighborhood of Jennaviva. The road is not open to commercial traffic, with the exception of Adustelan city buses.

Despite being a limited access road only open to non-commercial traffic, it is not designated as a parkway under the Intercounty Freeway System due to its short length. It is instead assigned as a spur of Carraway Island Route 62, carrying the designation Carraway Island Route 62-V.

History (fictional)

Werkheiser Viaduct looking east towards City Center on a foggy day, August 2015

The Viaduct's east portal in City Center, August 2015

The viaduct was originally built in 1931. It was designed to accommodate planned TransVerq train service directly between the neighborhoods of Jennaviva and City Center. However, as funding fell through as a result of the Great Depression, the plans never came to fruition. The viaduct was left as a stub at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Werkheiser Street, and rail service never began.

The structure remained completely abandoned for over 60 years, where it was often perceived to be an eyesore for many residents in the two neighborhoods it was to serve. In September 1992 it briefly opened as an elevated walkway, but litter and a lack of funding towards landscaping led to a sharp decline in foot traffic just three days after it opened. The walkway closed in November 1992.

In 1994, talks began to convert the Werkheiser Viaduct into a limited-access highway. The commissioner of the Carraway Island Department of Transportation remained skeptical, as he questioned the practicality of a limited access road that only ran for about 4 city blocks. However, later in the year the Jennaviva Convention Center began construction. A more direct road connection between the convention center and several City Center hotels and businesses was needed, and as such the commissioner ultimately signed onto the proposal.

The viaduct freeway opened on December 30, 1994.

In 2019, the Carraway Island Department of Transportation decided to reduce the number of lanes in each direction on the viaduct from two to one, citing low traffic on what was already considered a somewhat redundant road. As part of a city beautification project, it was decided that the center median of the viaduct would be filled with soil and planted with birch and acacia trees.

Work for filling in the center lane began in mid-2019 and was completed by October 1, 2019.


The western portal (Jennaviva) of the viaduct empties out onto Hall Boulevard South. The eastbound side can only be accessed by Hall Boulevard North just north of Mitchellson Street.

The eastern portal (City Center) of the viaduct empties out in two places in City Center:

  • a short off-ramp that empties onto Werkheiser Street right before Ocean Avenue
  • an off-ramp that runs over Ocean and ends at Soundsurf Avenue south of Gergich Street

The westbound side can be accessed from the Soundsurf portal, as well as on Ocean Avenue at an intersection with Burrclai Avenue and the Winslow Transit Hub's city bus dispatch.

Development in Minecraft

The railway bridge was built in 2013 to serve as a rail connection between the Jennaviva Convention Center and City Center, but it was never completed.

The viaduct began conversion to a freeway on August 2, 2015. The roadway was modified from four-lane to two-lane on October 1, 2019; the update also led to the Ocean Avenue ramp being moved a block further west on November 16, 2019.