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Well Hither Hills-Mitchellson Street Bridge
The bridge at midday, January 2016
The bridge at midday, January 2016
General Information
Bridge Type Arch
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started 1942
Completed 1943
Location City of Adustelan

(connects the neighborhoods of Habercore and Jennaviva)

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Traffic Information
Carries 2 lanes of Mitchellson Street
Toll Free
Technical Details
Longest Span 161 ft

(total length is 469 ft)

Vertical Clearance Unmeasured
Clearance Below 35 ft
Longest bridge in Adustelan? Never
Primary Building Materials Stone, Sandstone
Added to ARHP Never

The Well Hither Hills-Mitchellson Street Bridge is a sandstone arch bridge in the City of Adustelan. It carries Mitchellson Street across the Jennaviva River while connecting the neighborhood of Jennaviva to the southern portion of the neighborhood of Habercore, just shy of its border with Well Hither Hills National Park.

The bridge opened in 1943. Its name is usually shortened to either the Well Hither Hills Bridge, the W.H.H. Bridge, or the Mitchellson Street Bridge.

Development in Minecraft

The bridge was built by StaticAnnouncement entirely on January 30, 2016.