Wazchanck Island Penitentiary

The gate to Wazchanck Island Penitentiary, August 2015

The Carraway Island SuperMax Correctional Facility at Wazchanck Island (often shortened to the Wazchanck Island Penitentiary and colloquially referred to as "Wazchanck") is a Carrawayan federal supermax prison compound, composed of prisons for both male and female inmates, located on Wazchanck Island in the neighborhood of Wazchanck Heights, a division of the City of Adustelan. It houses the criminals deemed most dangerous by the Carrawayan justice system, and as such it has the tightest security control of any prison in the country.

As of 2015, the only way to access the prison is via the Wazchanck Island Bridge.

Development in Minecraft

StaticAnnouncement created the penitentiary soon after shaping the boundaries of Wazchanck Island after extending the Jennaviva River. The walls to the compound were put up beginning August 23, 2015.

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