Wakeman Estates

View of Adustelan Skyline from Marvin Lane, July 2016
A typical Wakeman Estates house at 2 Eva Street, July 2016

Wakeman Estates is an upper-middle class housing development located off Wakeman Road in the neighborhood of South Adustelan in the City of Adustelan. The development was created in 2000 using undeveloped land adjacent to the Jennaviva River west of the First Assembly Bridge.

While it is not legally a neighborhood recognized by the City of Adustelan, the area does encompass most of South Adustelan's northern territory, and does enjoy a degree of isolation from the rest of the neighborhood in the form of 14-foot-tall fences that surround the perimeter of the area.

The Adustelan Skyline as seen from a Wakeman Estates house; picture taken at dawn during the Carrawayan Blackout, January 2016

Development in Minecraft

StaticAnnouncement began work on the development on July 25, 2016.

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