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VoyageAlpha Condominium Tower
The VoyageAlpha Condominium Tower from Myrtle Avenue, August 2015
The VoyageAlpha Condominium Tower from Myrtle Avenue, August 2015
General Information
Completed 1979
Location 48 Myrtle Avenue

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 238 ft
Floor Count 11
Building Purpose Residential (condos)
Primary Building Materials Clay, Sandstone, Stained Clay, Wood
Added to ARHP Never

The VoyageAlpha Condominium Tower is a mid-rise residential building located at 48 Myrtle Avenue in City Center, Adustelan. It is separated from the immediately adjacent Marigold Building by Kipling Alley, which is also the only way to access the condos within the building.

The building actually has three different mailing addresses; the company based on the first floor shares the building's main address of 48 Myrtle Avenue. Businesses located on the building's Myrtle Avenue storefront are given the address 48A Myrtle Avenue. The actual condominiums are represented by the address 5 Kipling Alley.

The building was completed in 1979.

Development in Minecraft

The building that is today the VoyageAlpha tower actually did not start off as a building. The top of the building was originally grass when the Adustelan map was created by StaticAnnouncement in July 2011, as it was originally part of what ground level was prior to the digging of Adustelan to its current level. The location was also the natural spawn point when the map was first created.

As the city began developing with the introduction of the Marigold Building later in the month, the rectangular plot of land had to remain raised above the rest of the city, as neither Minecraft nor MCEdit had the capability to set a spawn point below a certain block level at that time. As a result, the plot of land, originally located where the Adustelan Bank Tower is now located, was built around, and the plot of land, still the spawn point, became the roof of what was to appear to be a new building, despite not having a proper interior. The building was moved across the street within the first few weeks to make room for the Adustelan Bank Tower, and soon after that the interior was gutted and subdivided into floors.