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Ventana Avenue/Boulevard
Ventana Avenue as it passes through Cranston, February 2016
Ventana Avenue as it passes through Cranston, February 2016
Southern Terminus: Hawthorne Street
Eastern Terminus: Bartholomew Avenue

Ventana Avenue is a major thoroughfare in the City of Adustelan. The road runs primarily north-south, though north of Walkfront Street the road becomes east-west while being renamed Ventana Boulevard.

As of August 2015, the road runs from Ferfield to Ventana Beach, via Regency Hollow, Cranston, City Center, and Kempton.

History (fictional)

Ventana Avenue was one of the four original north-south avenues that crossed the center of the City of Adustelan (the others being Myrtle, Soundsurf, and Ocean). The road first appeared on maps in 1900. It was originally a two-lane road, but was converted to a four lane road sometime in the 1950s, when Ventana Boulevard was created.

1996 Ventana Avenue Pileup

On August 11, 1996, a twenty-car pileup occurred at the intersection of Ventana Avenue and Agnes Street near the Ventana Arms at the Marigold Apartment Complex in City Center. Two people died and 19 were injured, some severely. The crash rose concerns regarding the safety of the road, as the road becomes heavily congested during peak hours due to its proximity to the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. In 1999, The Group for the Widening of Ventana Avenue presented their case to the Adustelan Department of Transportation, though responses did not come immediately. In 2006, at a press conference, the commissioner of the Department of Transportation expressed his advocacy for the modernization of Ventana Avenue within the next decade. As of 2017, Ventana Avenue/Boulevard has been fully modernized.

Development in Minecraft

Ventana Avenue was the fourth of the original avenues to be built and named. It was originally a two lane road, as the fictional history states, though it was first built in 2011. It originally extended to Walkfront Street, but it was widened and lengthened from September to December 2013, sporadically. This also allowed for the development of land east of the Dexonharzleman Expressway by the waterfront, and allowed for the construction of Forest Cove County Park.