Trade Center-Winslow (Adustelan Metro Station)

Adustelan Metro Station
Trade Center-Winslow
A/C Platform, February 2016
A/C Platform, February 2016
Station Statistics
Lines A, C, D
Location Trade Center Adustelan / Winslow Transit Hub

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Station Status Operating
Structure Underground
Platforms 5
Rank Unknown
Other Information
Opened 1970
Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Former/Other Names Soundsurf Avenue-Cleveland Square

Trade Center-Soundsurf

Added to ARHP Never
Station Succession
Next Station North Dartervale (Line D)
Next Station South Embassies (Line D)
Next Station East Agnes Street-Marigold (Line A)

Crosscourts (Line C)

Next Station West Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (Lines A/C)
A/C Platform, February 2016
Stations of the Adustelan Metro

Trade Center-Winslow is a major hub station on the Adustelan Metro. It is serviced at all times by Lines A, C, and D. The station was formerly called Soundsurf Avenue-Cleveland Square prior to the completion of Trade Center Adustelan in 2009, and Trade Center-Soundsurf from 2009 to 2015, prior to the completion of the Megan Winslow Memorial Transit Hub.

A replica of the former interior is on display at the Carraway Island Public Transit Museum.

In December 2014, the station was incorporated into the Winslow Transit Hub, connecting it directly to the adjacent Goldwater station, as well as the city's local bus services. The station was given its present name on January 31, 2015.

A/C Platform before gutting, December 2013
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