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Tipapelan is a city located on Haverford Island, about 3 miles off the southwestern coast of Carraway Island. The city is politically part of Vassaras and serves as the county seat.

As of 2019, the city has a population of 45,803, making it the fourth-largest city in the country, and the largest in Vassaras, accounting for nearly 95 percent of the county's population. Additionally, it is the only city with over 10,000 people west of the Vassaras Mountains.

The current mayor of Tipapelan is Brittany Wahlstrom, the former 11th President of Carraway Island.

History (fictional)

The city was believed to have been settled a few hundred years after the initial settling of Carraway Island by a shunned faction of Verqulean natives who were banished to cross the treacherous Vassaras Mountains. Contact with the rest of Tad Verq was virtually non-existant from that point forward, though it was believed that the population of Tipapelan was decimated by avian flu at roughly the same time as the rest of the island.

The ruins of the abandoned city were rediscovered by explorer Ben Haverford in 1936 during a campaign to explore the Vassaras Mountains and the areas west of them. Once the city was resettled, Haverford put in a petition to have the city renamed in his honor. However, historical preservationists blocked the effort, arguing that the renaming of historical cities (as was done once before when Sagemas was renamed West Lakes in the 1880s) was historically insensitive. As such, the name Tipapelan stuck, while the island the city sat on was renamed Haverford Island as a compromise.