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Staunton University (SU) is a private, non-sectarian university located primarily in the city of Adustelan, Carraway Island. Founded in 1892 by Richard Markus Staunton and William Silvester Shaw, it was Carraway Island's first chartered university. It is today the second largest private university on the island (after Devoner University) and the third largest overall (after the Adustelan City University system).

Staunton University is organized into four main schools within which are divided into seventy-eight departments. They consist of the School of Architecture, School of Applied Technology, School of Engineering, and School of Science. The school offers 98 degree programs which offer bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.

The school athletic teams are collectively known as the Staunton Jellyfish.

Buildings on campus

  • Decker Hall (lecture halls, administration)
  • Mikva Hall (lecture halls)
  • Raines Hall (lecture halls)
  • Nathaniel Hall (dormitories)