13th President of Carraway Island
In office
September 1, 2011 - present
Vice president "FalconStorm"
Preceded by Frank Spinnaker
19th Mayor of Adustelan
In office
July 26, 2011 - present
Vice mayor "FalconStorm"
Preceded by Rebekah Shales
Personal details
Residence Adustelan

"StaticAnnouncement" is the alias of an anonymous Carrawayan politician who is serving simultaneously as the 13th and current President of Carraway Island, and the 19th and current mayor of Adustelan. He has served in both positions since 2011.

Development in Minecraft

StaticAnnouncement is the screenname of the creator of the City of Adustelan. He created the city in Minecraft beginning in July 2011.

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