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Rosanna Street Bridge
Rosanna Street Bridge in April 2014
Rosanna Street Bridge in April 2014
General Information
Bridge Type Dual-Arch
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started 1937
Completed 1938
Location West Piers, Adustelan
Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Traffic Information
Carries 2 lanes of Rosanna Street
Toll Free
Technical Details
Longest Span 126 ft
Vertical Clearance Unmeasured
Clearance Below 24 ft
Longest bridge in Adustelan? Never
Primary Building Materials Sandstone, Stone
Added to ARHP Never

The Rosanna Street Bridge is a dual-arch, Art Deco bridge in the neighborhood of West Piers in the City of Adustelan, connecting the industrial neighborhood of Jenna Point to the City Center region. It crosses the Jennaviva River south of its confluence with the Kempton River.

After the collapse of the Dunnage Avenue Bridge in 1984, the Rosanna Street Bridge became the only crossing of the Jennaviva River to be done in an Art Deco style.