Rarity Street
Rarity Street looking west from Ventana Avenue, January 2015
Rarity Street looking west from Ventana Avenue, January 2015
Eastern Terminus: Whitegale Avenue and Agnes Street
Western Terminus: Bellamy Avenue

Rarity Street is a major, generally east-west thoroughfare in the City of Adustelan.

Route Description

The road begins at Bellamy Avenue. It then crosses Hall Boulevard before entering City Center. It becomes the main east-west thoroughfare in the neighborhood, passing under the Winslow Transit Hub and to the north of Trade Center Adustelan before crossing Ventana Avenue. At this point, the road slants northward up a ramp, bypassing and eventually following the contour of the Joel-Cranston Crosscourts Arena. After coming back to ground level, the road ends at an intersection with Agnes Street and Whitegale Avenue.

In popular culture (fictional)

Rarity Street is the namesake for the 1935 film-noir movie Viva Rarity and its titular main character Mayella Rarity. The film takes place mainly in the nearby Marigold Building.

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