A typical Quik-Fix store in Dartervale, December 2016

Quik-Fix is a Carrawayan-based chain of convenience stores headquartered in the City of Adustelan. The chain was founded in 1971 and operates exclusively on Carraway Island.

The chain's stores are identified by their distinct cyan and neon-green signage and brightly lit quartz interiors. As of 2001, the chain is headquartered in the Alphaline Center in the Adustelan neighborhood of Quinton.

Current Locations

As of December 22, 2016, Quik-Fix managed 8 locations:

  • Yellowcard Promenade- Dartervale, Adustelan
  • 460B Hall Boulevard- Bellamyville, Adustelan
  • Winslow Transit Hub- City Center, Adustelan
  • 22 Amarillo Street- East Kempton, Adustelan
  • 94 Mitchellson Street- Jennaviva, Adustelan
  • 132 Mitchellson Street- Dolanburg, Adustelan
  • 24 Lynnthomas Street- Bartlynnth, Adustelan
  • Crosscourts Subway Station- Cranston, Adustelan
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