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The Quinton Interchange from above, October 2015

The Quarry Pit Interchange is a complex freeway interchange, specifically the intersection between the Dexonharzleman Expressway (I-C4) and the Colbert Freeway (I-C21), plus two local roads (Eastern Road and Fischbach Avenue) in the neighborhood of Quinton, Adustelan.

It corresponds to Exit 7 on Intercounty C21, as well as Exits 30 and 31 on Intercounty C4.

Development in Minecraft

The interchange was constructed by StaticAnnouncement on December 5, 2014. However, much of the rest of Intercounty C21 west of the interchange is made by FalconStorm.

An extension of the interchange that added connections to Eastern Road and Fischbach Avenue was added on August 21, 2015.