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Carraway Island Route 0
CIR 0.png
Route Information
Existed: Original Road: Antiquity

Modern Road: 1880-present

Counties: Rilloq


Local Names: Post Drive
Major Junctions

The Post Drive is a coastal road that was, until 1880, the longest road on Carraway Island. During the height of Ancient Verqul times, the road nearly circumnavigated the island, covering all of the island's inhabitable areas at that time. It ran in a clockwise direction from Tad Nahoeca to a boat launching point just east of Tipapelan. There is no evidence the road had a formal name during this time.

Today, its longest surviving segment runs from Adustelan to Vallantburg immediately next to the Pacific coast. Despite its rugged character, inconsistent maintenance, and lack of adherence to national road standards in many areas, it is signed for its entire length as Carraway Island Route 0, an exceptional historic/cultural route.

Other segments of the road still exist on the island in various states of condition. Some are local roads while others have been abandoned outright.