Pokechohoeca Crater Park

Pokechohoeca Crater Park is a large, public, urban park in the City of Adustelan, traversing the neighborhoods of Kempton and City Center. The park is home to several large natural craters, and was founded as part of preservation efforts to prevent the craters from being filled and developed.


Entrances to the park exist only in the central and southern portions of the park; no entrances have been constructed on Amarillo Street as of October 2014. The park has three pedestrian entrances on Soundsurf Avenue and one on Myrtle Avenue, as well as two connections to Rayson Square. Meridian Street has a one-block segment restricted only to passenger cars that traverses the width of the park. The closest Adustelan Metro station to a park entrance is Quinton-Meridian Street, on the Metro D and E Lines.

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