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Okun Tower
Okun Tower during midday, September 2017
Okun Tower during midday, September 2017
General Information
Completed January 2015
Location 67 Ventana Avenue

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? 2015 - present
Technical Details
Height 644 ft
Floor Count 25
Building Purpose Mixed-use
Primary Building Materials Dark Iron, Stained Glass, Black Wool
Added to ARHP Never

The Okun Tower is a high-rise skyscraper located in the City Center neighborhood of the City of Adustelan. It is currently the tallest-building in the city, a title it has held since surpassing the height of 100 East Kempton Road (as of 2017 named Maltagratz 100) in 2015.

The building opened to tenants on January 2, 2015.

In Minecraft, the original incarnation of the building stood from November 7, 2014 to September 2, 2017. The current model was built within the following three days. This makes the Okun Tower the third Minecraft build to be completely rebuilt, after the Adustelan Bank Tower and Trade Center Adustelan.


The lot of 67 Ventana Avenue was originally allotted for the construction of One Redfield Plaza, a 24 story skyscraper designed by LaFevier Construction Company. The original building stalled at 6 floors above ground after LaFevier lost financial backing for the project and subsequently filed for bankruptcy in August of 2009.

The lot remained dormant until February of 2010 when Radial LLC unveiled its design for a new 25 story high-rise skyscraper which was slated to become the tallest building in the City of Adustelan. Removal of One Redfield Plaza began several months later and construction of what was now called Okun Tower began in December of that year. The building opened to tenants on January 2, 2015.

Development in Minecraft

The original building was first constructed by FalconStorm on November 7, 2014 over the former construction site of 1 Redfield Plaza, at the corner of Werkheiser Street and Ocean Avenue. It was the first building to surpass the original height of the Harmon Soundsurf Tower since it was finished in 2012 (the building was substantially shortened in August 2015, however). It was also the only building to have a fictional completion date later than its actual completion date.

The original building was demolished on September 2, 2017. A replacement building, also made by FalconStorm, was constructed beginning the following day on a different lot on Ventana Avenue.