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New Villa Avenue
New Villa.png
Northern Terminus: Ventana Boulevard East
Southern Terminus: I-C21.png I-C21

New Villa Avenue is a north-south avenue in the City of Adustelan. It is the first north-south road in the city that is not one of the four original avenues (Ocean, Soundsurf, Myrtle, and Ventana).

The road has been substantially altered during its lifetime. The road originally ran from Ventana Boulevard to Agnes Street. In 1971 the road was split in two between Cranston Street and Meridian Street in order to accommodate the construction of Intercounty C21. Then in 1980, the entire southern segment was demolished during the construction of Joel-Cranston Crosscourts Arena.

In 2008, the segment of New Villa Avenue north of Gino Street was narrowed and curved slightly; it now runs underneath the canopy of 1200 Vent and ends at a stop sign at its original northern terminus.