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Megan Winslow
14th Mayor of Adustelan
In office
July 26, 1979 - August 3, 1994
Vice mayor Faith Jasper (1979-1987)

Gabriel Santos (1987-1994)

Preceded by Barry Bristlerton
Succeeded by Gabriel Santos
Personal details
Born Megan Anise Winslow

August 24, 1949
Tipapelan, C.W.I.

Died August 3, 1994 (aged 44)

Henrieville, Utah, U.S.

Spouse(s) Brian DiCarlo
Children 2
Education Devoner University (BA)

Megan Winslow-DiCarlo (24 August 1949 - 3 August 1994), known publicly by her maiden name, was a Carrawayan politician who served as the 14th mayor of Adustelan from 1979 until her death in 1994. Winslow was the first female mayor of Adustelan, as well as the youngest person to ever hold the position, at 29 years old on inauguration day.

Winslow was one of the most popular political figures in Carrawayan history and had a following and sphere of influence that stretched beyond the Adustelan metro area. Her progressive ideals, infrastructure reforms, and opposition to the Carrawayan Corporate Enterprise Embargo, along with her quick wit and eccentric personality led to a public obsession with her personal life, such to the point of her being dubbed "The Duchess of Adustelan".

On August 3, 1994, three years into her fourth term as mayor, Winslow was killed in a hiking accident while visiting family at the Grand Staircase near Henrieville, Utah, U.S.

Upon news of Winslow's death, vice-mayor Gabriel Santos was sworn in as mayor, after which he declared a 5 day period of mourning for the City of Adustelan. This mandate was ultimately imposed by the Federal Government as well.

Legacy (fictional)

The Megan Winslow Memorial Transit Hub, located in Adustelan, is named in her honor.