Mauvestorm Seaport

Mauvestorm Pier A with the CSS Adustelan, January 2014

The Carraway Island Seaport at Adustelan, typically known under the commercial name Mauvestorm Seaport (after Admiral Holtz F. Mauvestorm), is the port district of the City of Adustelan and is the main gateway into Carraway Island.

The main portion of the seaport exists as a complex of piers (currently under construction in Minecraft as of 2014) that sit along Mauvestorm Docks Drive, stretching across the northern shore of the neighborhood of Jenna Point. Mauvestorm Pier A is currently being used for the construction of the CSS Adustelan, a Holtz-class Aircraft Carrier for the Carraway Island Navy.

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