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The runways of Loening Field, 26 July 2018

Loening Field (IATALFAICAOPLFA) is a regional airport located in the neighborhood of West Piers, Adustelan.

It is classified as a general aviation reliever airport, handling the bulk of Adustelan's public aviation services, and also relieves the larger Adustelan-Tad Verq International Airport of some select private cargo services and a very limited selection of commuter services.


The main, public entrance to the airport is located on Cirrus Avenue, at the intersection with Rosanna Street. Service entrances are accessible to authorized airport staff. One is located on Testarossa Drive; the other is located on Fortress Road.

The closest Adustelan Metro station is Cirrus Avenue (A,C,G).

Development in Minecraft

The airport was constructed by FalconStorm beginning on July 23, 2018. Construction continued for the next several days as the neighborhoods of West Piers and Jenna Point were quickly built around it.