Carraway Island Wiki

This is a list of the most populous municipalities on Carraway Island by population. The list only refers to cities within their defined limits, and does not include suburban areas adjacent to cities or any locations in a metropolitan area outside of the city proper. Some such places may have their own place on the list.

As of the 2019 Census, the total population of Carraway Island was 3,522,786. Nearly two-thirds of the island's population lives in the City of Adustelan and its immediate suburbs.

Most populous municipalities

Cities are in bold if they are the seat of their county. Cities are italicized if they are the most populous city in their county.

Rank City County 2019 Population Estimate
1 Adustelan Rilloq 2,074,211
2 Jan Beach Bisloeca 411,690
3 West Lakes (a.k.a. Dolan Sage) Sagemas 174,990
4 Tipapelan Vassaras 45,803
5 Incuba Rilloq 32,420
6 Vernindelan Rilloq 29,505
7 Vallantburg Bisloeca 26,889
8 Hlixztown Sagemas 9,362
9 Skamplanck Skamplanck 1,996
10 Nestem Bisloeca 1,472
11 Draconleo Vassaras 600
12 Idek Bisloeca / Rilloq / Skamplanck / Vassaras 348