Adustelan Rapid Transit System Line
Line C
Remnants of Old Line C near Kempton Hall in December 2013
General Information
Work Began 1918
Decommissioned 1966
# of Stations at time of closure None
Line Status Abandoned
Route Description (pre-1966)

This article is about the abandoned pre-1966 line. For the current line, see Line C (Adustelan Metro).

The original C Line was based out of Amarillo Street-Kempton station and was the last surviving line of the original Adustelan Rapid Transit System before the new system was implemented in 1962 as a result of a deadly derailment seven years earlier. The line served concurrently with the new system for four years alongside the new A and B Lines. However, when the new C Line was opened in 1966, the original line closed down.