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Interior of The Crosscourts (February 2016)

The Joel-Cranston Crosscourts Arena (known locally as The Crosscourts or, colloquially, "The Joel Bowl") is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Cranston, in the City of Adustelan. The arena is home to the Adustelan Wombats basketball team when in basketball configuration, and home to the Adustelan Skuas hockey team of the NHL when in hockey configuration.

History (fictional)

Facade of the arena facing Ventana Avenue during construction, November 1980

The arena opened in 1981 to accommodate the Adustelan Wombats basketball team, which became part of the countrywide CBA (Carrawayan Basketball Association) in 1985. The Adustelan Skuas hockey team wasn't founded until 2003 and didn't start utilizing the space until 2005, when they joined the NHL (making Carraway Island the third country represented by the league, after the United States and Canada).

A Salsa Shack location opened in the arena on November 13, 2015.

Development in Minecraft

The interior of the arena was constructed before the exterior, by StaticAnnouncement in March 2014. Inability to envision the arena's exterior or interior hallways led to the arena construction being held off for over a year and a half. Progress on hallways and exterior elements commenced once more on November 13, 2015.