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The Jennaviva River is the longest river on Carraway Island. The river serves as an important water route for the City of Adustelan, where it flows primarily in the western half of the city. The river begins near the summit of Mount Draconleo in the Vassaras Mountains, and it empties into Adustelan Bay immediately to the east of Jenna Point.

For a five-mile stretch, the Jennaviva River forms the border between Bisloeca and Vassaras.

It is the namesake of the neighborhood of Jennaviva along with the Jennaviva Convention Center, all of which were named after 19th-century explorer Thomas Jennaviva.

Crossings of the River

As of 2019, there were 6 bridges and tunnels that crossed the river:

Location Name Type Opened Lanes Carries
From North to South
City of Adustelan Rosanna Street Bridge Bridge 1938 2 Rosanna Street
West Piers-Quinton Tunnel Tunnel 1971 6 I-C21.png I-C21
Dunnage Memorial Bridge Bridge 1986 2 Jennaviva Boulevard
Well Hither Hills-Mitchellson Street Bridge Bridge 1943 2 Mitchellson Street
Wazchanck Island Bridge Bridge N/A 2 Wazchanck Island Road
First Assembly Bridge Bridge 1967 6 I-C4.png I-C4