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The Main Panel Room of the JvCC, located on the lower level, November 2014

The Thomas Jennaviva Memorial Convention Center (JvCC) is a large convention center located on Hall Boulevard in the neighborhood of Jennaviva, Adustelan on Carraway Island. The convention center began construction in 1994 and was completed in 1996.

It is the largest convention center on Carraway Island, as well as the major convention facility of the City of Adustelan. Among the facility's largest annual events are the Adustelan Comic-Con, the Carraway Island Auto and Boat Show, and PAX Verq (the newest PAX installment, named for Carraway Island's original name Tad Verq).

The complex also includes the Embassy Suites Jennaviva Center hotel.


The building's main entrance is along Hall Boulevard, at the intersection with Jennaviva Boulevard. There are several smaller entrances on all other sides of the building.

The main parking garage for the convention center is on Truss Street on the building's south side.

The convention center is directly serviced by the Adustelan Metro's B and D lines at the Jennaviva Convention Center station.

Development in Minecraft

Being one of the single largest buildings in the city, construction of the convention center was spaced out over many years. The footprint of the convention center was first established in February 2013 and construction began soon after on the western entrance and main floor. A lower floor, including the Main Panel Room, began construction in November 2014. The rest of the exterior of the building was then constructed in segments, starting with the northern facade in December 2015.

Loading docks for the upper levels were added off of St. Lucia Avenue South in January 2016.