Jennaviva Boulevard

Jennaviva Boulevard
Eastern Terminus: Soundsurf Avenue, Hyunn Street, and Falkenstrom Street
Western Terminus: I-C21.png I-C21

Jennaviva Boulevard is a major east-west thoroughfare in the City of Adustelan, connecting the neighborhoods of Habercore and Regency Hollow, passing through Jennaviva.

Jennaviva Boulevard begins at its eastern terminus with Soundsurf Avenue, crosses the Jennaviva River via the Dunnage Memorial Bridge, and ends at an interchange with Intercounty C21.

It is signed as part of Carraway Island Route 3 for its entire length.

Development in Minecraft

Jennaviva Boulevard was created in early 2012 and was one of the first 4-lane roads created in the city.

The road's length remained virtually unchanged until September 19, 2019, when the former Dunnage Avenue was incorporated as part of it. It was also at this time that the road was designated as part of Carraway Island Route 3.

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