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Jenna Point
Scene on Landry Avenue, July 2018
Scene on Landry Avenue, July 2018
General Information
City Adustelan
ZIP Codes CW017
Adjacent Neighborhoods
South West Piers
Scene on Landry Avenue, July 2018
Neighborhoods in the City of Adustelan

Jenna Point is a geographic feature and neighborhood in the City of Adustelan. It is a peninsula protruding from the northernmost portion of the neighborhood of West Piers, bordered by the Adustelan Bay and the northernmost segment of the Jennaviva River.

It is almost entirely an industrial/commercial area. It is home to the easternmost piers of the Mauvestorm Seaport, as well as the Harperson TNT Warehouse.

Development in Minecraft

The peninsula of Jenna Point and its corresponding neighborhood were the first features constructed north of what was once Adustelan's northern boundary (Rosanna Street and Walkfront Street). The area was first constructed on July 23, 2018 by StaticAnnouncement.

Much of the neighborhood is industrial and has taken a major hit in the economic downturn, leading to many effectively abandoned lots like this one on Landry Avenue.

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