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City of Jan Beach
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Country: Carraway Island
Counties: Bisloeca (formerly Independent)
Settled: 1978
Incorporated as a City: 1989
Type: Mayor-council
Mayor: Rufus Mancini
Vice Mayor: Marie Guntherson
Estimate (2019): 411,690
Rank: 2nd, Carraway Island
Other Information
Demonym: Jan Beacher
Nickname: Blue Valley (after its roots with the Bluval Corporation)
Motto: "A sight for the wise and beautiful"

Jan Beach is a city located on the southern tip of Carraway Island and is the second-largest city in the country, after Adustelan, with a population of 411,690 as of the 2019 Census. It is a planned city that was conceived by the Bluval Corporation in 1978, and the first stage was completed in 1989. Despite the first stage being constructed and overseen by the company, Bluval still maintains its headquarters in Adustelan.

The city was an independent city, not part of any county, from its incorporation in 1989 until 2018, when a majority of residents within the city voted to become part of surrounding Bisloeca. The change took effect on August 3, 2018.