Intercounty C4
Route Information
Length: Unmeasured
Existed: 1967-present
Counties: Barrymore County

Ehrmantraut County

Local Names: Nestem Freeway,

Ehrmantraut Highway, Dexonharzleman Expressway (Adustelan only)

Major Junctions
South Terminus: CIR 8 near Nestem
I-C21 between Cranston and Quinton, Adustelan

I-C604 in Incuba

North Terminus: Holtz Road in Vernindelan

Intercounty C4 (I-C4) is an Intercounty Limited Access Highway located on the Eastern coast of Carraway Island. It runs from Carraway Island Route 8 west of the Town of Nestem up to Holtz Road in the Town of Vernindelan. It is, by daily traffic, the busiest freeway on Carraway Island, primarily due to being the main arterial highway of the City of Adustelan, the island's capital and largest city.

I-C4 lies entirely in two counties: Ehrmantraut County and Barrymore County. In Barrymore County, it is known as the Nestem Freeway, despite not passing through the Town of Nestem. In Ehrmantraut County, it is known as the Ehrmantraut Highway, except in the City of Adustelan when it is referred to as the Dexonharzleman Expressway (colloquially "The Dex").

Exit list (incomplete)

County Location Exit Destinations Notes
Ehrmantraut Adustelan East Kempton 26 Kempton/East Kempton Northbound exit: New Villa Avenue
Southbound exit: Amarillo Street
Cranston 27

Intercounty C21 East

Cranston Interchange
28 Ventana Avenue/Joel-Cranston Crosscourts Arena
City Center 29 Soundsurf Avenue To Rarity Street
Quinton 30 Fischbach Avenue / Eastern Road Quarry Pit Interchange

Intercounty C21 West

Jennaviva 32 Jennaviva Convention Center Northbound Exit: St. Lucia Avenue South and Colgate Street
Southbound Exit: Jennaviva Boulevard
South Adustelan Crosses Jennaviva River
33 Wakeman Road

Auxiliary Routes