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Intercounty C21
Route Information
Existed: 1971-present
Counties: Skamplanck


Local Names: Colbert Freeway
Major Junctions
I-C4.png between Cranston and Quinton, Adustelan

CIR 3.png in West Piers, Adustelan
I-C821.png in Rodham Hill, Adustelan

Intercounty C21 is an Intercounty Limited Access Highway that runs from Skamplanck (in the county of Skamplanck) to Adustelan (in the county of Rilloq), connecting both cities with West Lakes (in the county of Sagemas).

In Adustelan, it is known as the Colbert Freeway. The route has a concurrency with Intercounty C4 (Dexonharzleman Expressway), resulting in a gap between Exit 7 eastbound in Cranston and Exit 7 westbound in Quinton.

Exit list

County Location Exit Destinations Notes
Rilloq Adustelan Honeydew District 5 Bartholomew Avenue
Cranston 6 Whitegale Avenue Eastbound exit empties onto Mulaney Street
6A New Villa Avenue Westbound only, closest westbound exit to Crosscourts Arena


Two separate exits, concurrency with I-C4 from Exits 28-30
Bellamyville Crosses Jennaviva River
West Piers 8 CIR 3.png Jennaviva Boulevard Eastbound only, to Dunnage Memorial Bridge
9 Testarossa Drive
Rodham Hill 10 I-C821.png

Auxiliary Routes