Hyunn Street
Eastern Terminus: Terwilliger Avenue and Katonka Parkway
Western Terminus: Soundsurf Avenue, Falkenstrom Street, and Jennaviva Boulevard

Hyunn Street (pronounced "hwinn") is an east-west thoroughfare in the City of Adustelan. It serves as the main street of the neighborhood of Dolanburg.

The road forms the westbound lanes of Carraway Island Route 3 as it passes through Dolanburg and Regency Hollow.


The street is a reference to the character Mr. Hyunh from the 1996 animated series Hey Arnold! A running gag in the show is that people would mispronounce his last name as "hee-YUN", when in fact it is pronounced "hwinn". The name itself was misspelled, stemming from the name Huynh. Therefore, the name of the Adustelan street is actually twice misspelled.

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