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An aerial view of International Diplomacy Walk, a walkway that constitutes much of the complex; the picture also includes (clockwise from left) 57 Myrtle Avenue, 6 Blightsinger Street, 1 Holland Hill Plaza, and the Adustelan Bank Tower

Holland Hill Plaza is a large plaza in City Center, Adustelan located on a superlot between Mitchellson Street, Soundsurf Avenue, Werkheiser Street, and Myrtle Avenue.

The complex of buildings surrounding the plaza consists entirely of land once held by the Blightsinger Estate and is named after "Holland Hill", the nickname given to the former estate. It was created as a result of the dissolvement of the estate from 1955 until the early 1960s. Combined with Trade Center Adustelan, it is considered to be one of the most economically and diplomatically important areas in the city.

Representatives of the Blightsinger estate still technically own the land occupied by the plaza itself and perform all maintenance of the plaza, which is otherwise open to the general public.

It is home to several businesses, embassies, and organizations operating in the complex's five current buildings: Adustelan Bank Tower, 109 Mitchellson Street, 57 Myrtle Avenue, 1 Holland Hill Plaza, and 6 Blightsinger Street (which consists of the original estate's plantation home).

The plaza is served by the Adustelan Metro by two stations: Embassies (D) and Holland Hill Plaza (F).