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Habercore-Rarity Street Tunnel
Western portal at Rolf Avenue in Habercore, April 1983
Western portal at Rolf Avenue in Habercore, April 1983
General Information
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started August 4, 1961
Completed 1964

Destroyed 1984

Location City of Adustelan

(connects the neighborhoods of Habercore and Bellamyville)

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Traffic Information
Carries 2 lanes of Rarity Street
Toll Free
Technical Details
Length 741 ft
Tunnel Clearance 14 ft
Longest tunnel in Adustelan? 1964-1971
Primary Building Materials Pillared Quartz, Stone
Added to ARHP Never

The Habercore-Rarity Street Tunnel was a tunnel in the City of Adustelan which carried Rarity Street under the Jennaviva River, connecting the neighborhood of Habercore with the neighborhood of Bellamyville.

The tunnel was destroyed during the collapse of the Dunnage Avenue Bridge, located directly above the tunnel, on January 2, 1984. While the collapse killed 2 on the bridge, no one was killed in the tunnel as it was closed due to a scheduled repaving. The tunnel never reopened.

Development in Minecraft

The tunnel was completed in 2014 by StaticAnnouncement. It was filled in completely by early January 2018.