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Guilford Hostel
The Guilford Hostel, June 2018
The Guilford Hostel, June 2018
General Information
Completed 1926
Location 125 Mitchellson Street

Dolanburg, Adustelan CW011

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 112 ft
Floor Count 6 (5 + basement)
Building Purpose Hostel/hotel
Primary Building Materials Brick, Quartz, Sandstone, Wood, Stone Brick
Added to ARHP January 4, 2017

The Guilford Hostel is a historic youth hostel and infamous "love hotel" located at 125 Mitchellson Street in the neighborhood of Dolanburg, Adustelan. It has operated as a hostel since 1926 and, since 1997, includes official amenities for short-term romantic stays in the form of private bedrooms with bath.

History (fictional)

The Guilford Hostel was founded by John Guilford, and opened its doors in 1926 as Adustelan's first dedicated hostel. The building consisted of rooms of several beds with communal baths on the top floors, and more private rooms with private baths in the basement. By the 1950s, the hostel became infamous for these lower level rooms, as they became dens of sex-trafficking, drug use, and physical assault; one such ring of activity was headed by former Adustelan mayor Maxwell Christopher Douglas. As the hostel quickly gained a negative reputation, the staff decided to cash in on the lower floor's sexual nature and convert the basement into an official "love hotel" in 1997, refurbishing the rooms, adding new lighting, and installing large bathtubs in the rooms.

This lower level is not referred to in official pamphlets of the hostel, but the rooms are available upon request. Since legitimizing the basement as a romantic getaway, reports of crime in and near the hostel have substantially decreased and the hostel's upper floors' reputation as an economic and highly social lodging experience has improved.

Development in Minecraft

The hostel was built by StaticAnnouncement on December 20, 2016. It was partially inspired by the Smart Russell Square Hostel in Camden, London, England, which he stayed at earlier in the month.