Grenwald Financial Building

Grenwald Financial Building
Grenwald Financial Building from street level, December 2017
Grenwald Financial Building from street level, December 2017
General Information
Completed 1933
Location 46 Myrtle Avenue

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 249 ft
Floor Count 16
Building Purpose Financial, Office
Primary Building Materials Endstone Brick, Stone Brick, Coal Block
Added to ARHP Never

The Grenwald Financial Building is a mid-sized office building located adjacent to Bulletin Square in the neighborhood of City Center, Adustelan.

It has been the home to the Grenwald Brokerage Firm since its completion.

Development in Minecraft

The build's exterior was started by FalconStorm on the night of December 16, 2017 and was completed early the following morning.

The build occupies a lot that was formerly filled with dense forest, one of the only lots in City Center to be completely untouched since the map's creation in 2011. The lot was finally occupied to mitigate a problem regarding the density of the city's skyline.

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