Carraway Island Wiki
Intercounty C821
Route Information
Existed: TBD 2018
Counties: Rilloq
Local Names: Fortress Front Freeway
Major Junctions
South Terminus: I-C21.png I-C21 in Rodham Hill, Adustelan
North Terminus: Mauvestorm Seaport in Jenna Point, Adustelan

The Fortress Front Freeway (colloquially "The Triple F") is a planned Intercounty Limited Access Spur Highway.

It is planned to be assigned as a spur of the Colbert Freeway, and it will bear the designation Intercounty C821 (I-C821) when complete.

Plans for the freeway were drawn in the late 1970s in order to create an effective bypass of the neighborhoods of West Piers and Habercore for heavy truck traffic leaving the Jenna Point industrial area. It will also provide the fastest route into the neighborhood for westbound traffic coming from City Center, as on the Colbert Freeway there is no Exit 8 on the westbound side (on the eastbound side, traffic can exit at Dunnage Avenue then turn onto Landry Avenue to get to Jenna Point).

When complete, the freeway is expected to run from the Colbert Freeway to Cirrus Avenue, running just to the north of Loening Airport along the shoreline.

Exit list (incomplete)

County Location Exit Destinations Notes
Rilloq Adustelan Rodham Hill 1 I-C21.png Southern terminus
West Piers 2 Fortress Road Loening Field
Jenna Point 3 A Street
Mauvestorm Docks Drive Northern terminus,

Mauvestorm Seaport