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Forest Cove County Park is a small nature preserve and county park located in Ventana Beach on the Adustelan shoreline north of Ventana Boulevard. It is maintained by the county of Rilloq, as opposed to many other parks in Adustelan that are operated by the city.

Murfintzky Beach

The park is home to Murfintzky Beach, a small white sand beach on the Adustelan shoreline. The area of the beach varies significantly due to erosion and tidal forces, though maximum occupancy is usually limited to fifteen people at a time.


The park is open to the public at all times. The park is accessible via the Verqul Meadows Greenway, which feeds into the park from the west, as well as from Ventana Boulevard via Murfintzky Place, a small backroad. Parking is free, but limited to only a small parking lot.