Fischbach Avenue Promenade (Adustelan Metro Station)

Adustelan Metro Station
Fischbach Avenue Promenade
Fischbach Avenue Promenade Station platform, 14 February 2016
Fischbach Avenue Promenade Station platform, 14 February 2016
Station Statistics
Lines A, C, G
Location Fischbach Avenue and Cherry Street

Dartervale, Adustelan CW013

Station Status Operating
Structure Underground
Platforms 1
Handicapped Accessible? Yes
Rank Unknown
Other Information
Opened October 21, 2015
Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Added to ARHP Never
Station Succession
Next Station South Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (Line A)

Quarry Pit (Line C)

Next Station East Dartervale (Line G)
Next Station West Cirrus Avenue (all Lines)
Fischbach Avenue Promenade Station platform, 14 February 2016
Stations of the Adustelan Metro

Fischbach Avenue Promenade is a major transfer station of the Adustelan Metro located at the Fischbach Avenue Promenade in Dartervale. It is serviced at all times by Lines A, C, and G (known west of Dartervale as the Main Line).

The station has entrances at both Fischbach Avenue and Hall Boulevard. It is one of the largest stations in the system.

History (fictional)

The main line of the Adustelan Metro, consisting of services A, C, and G, has had a tentative station at Fischbach Avenue drawn out since 2001, when the G platform of the Dartervale station opened, as part of the Main Line extension. Most stations on the proposed line opened by 2003. However, budget constraints would ultimately force Fischbach Avenue Promenade, the only station on the Main Line extension located east of the Jennaviva River, to be held off indefinitely.

The project would commence once again in late 2014; it officially opened to the public on October 21, 2015.

Development in Minecraft

The station replaced an earlier station at Cadence Lane that was built in 2012 and abandoned in early 2014. The station at Fischbach Avenue has been on tentative maps since early 2014, but StaticAnnouncement did not align the new configurations of the A, C, and G tracks until August 2015. The station itself would not commence construction until mid October, and would not be completed until October 21, 2015 (side note: Back to the Future II Day).

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