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First Assembly Bridge
First Assembly Bridge at night, July 2016
First Assembly Bridge at night, July 2016
General Information
Bridge Type Truss
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started 1965
Completed 1967
Location City of Adustelan (connects the neighborhoods of Wazchanck Heights and South Adustelan)
Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Traffic Information
Carries 6 lanes of I-C4.png
Toll $3.50 each way ($2.75 with CarraWay Pass)
Technical Details
Longest Span Unmeasured
Vertical Clearance 21 ft
Clearance Below 46 ft
Longest bridge in Adustelan? Never
Primary Building Materials Stone, Polished Diorite, Andesite, Iron, Dark Iron
Added to ARHP Never

The First Assembly Bridge is a truss bridge that carries six lanes of Intercounty C4 across the Jennaviva River, connecting the residential neighborhood of Wazchanck Heights with the suburban neighborhood of South Adustelan, both within the City of Adustelan.

As of 2016, the toll both ways for the bridge is $3.50, or $2.75 with the use of an CarraWay Pass transponder.

History (fictional)

The Intercounty Sign at the southern foot of the bridge, July 2016

The bridge began construction in 1965 during the construction of the first alignment of Intercounty C4. The bridge, along with the rest of the highway, was completed in 1967.

The stretch of highway within the city was the first portion of the Intercounty to be completed. A 53-foot-tall statue of the Intercounty C4 shield was built and revealed during the dedication ceremony of this original segment in 1967, and still sits to this day at the southern entrance to the First Assembly Bridge (just north of the toll plaza).

Development in Minecraft

The bridge and toll plaza were built by StaticAnnouncement on July 24, 2016.