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The Embassy of the United Kingdom, Adustelan is a building located at 109 Mitchellson Street in City Center, Adustelan. It has been the British Embassy to Carraway Island since 2016, after moving from their former location on the 10th floor of the Langston Center.

The Embassy was built in 1974 on a parcel of land once held by the Blightsinger Estate, which today constitutes Holland Hill Plaza, which also holds two other national embassies: that of Japan, and that of the United States.

History (fictional)

The building was originally known as the Holland Hill Stock Exchange; it had a market capitalization of US$1.12 trillion in 2015. The exchange building closed in 2016 to move to a newer exchange.

Development in Minecraft

StaticAnnouncement began constructing the stock exchange after repurposing the old one as the US Embassy, on August 8, 2015. The exchange was converted to an embassy on December 20, 2016.