Embassy of Japan, Adustelan

Embassy of Japan, Adustelan/

6 Blightsinger Street

6 Blightsinger Street, January 2015
6 Blightsinger Street, January 2015
General Information
Completed 1893
Location 6 Blightsinger Street

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 109 ft
Floor Count 6
Building Purpose Various, Foreign Embassy
Primary Building Materials Sandstone, Andesite, Cobblestone, Wood
Added to ARHP January 28, 2015

The Embassy of Japan, Adustelan is a historic building in City Center, Adustelan, located at the intersection of Soundsurf Avenue and Blightsinger Street. Built in 1893, it is the oldest building in City Center currently standing. It has been the Japanese Embassy to Carraway Island since diplomatic relations commenced in 1966.

The building was added to the Adustelan Register of Historic Places on January 28, 2015.

History (fictional)

The house was built in 1893 as a plantation home for wealthy young farmer Silas Blightsinger and his wife Gayle; the house stood on his private estate, which he nicknamed "Holland Hill", encompassing the entirety of present day City Center. After only 3 years in operation, the City of Adustelan would ultimately buy nearly all of the estate's land from Blightsinger for US$2 million, save for a rectangular block of land on which their house sat that would be bound by four streets (these streets would later be named Myrtle Avenue, Werkheiser Street, Soundsurf Avenue, and Mitchellson Street).

Gayle Blightsinger died in 1947. Silas would live on the downsized estate alone until he died in 1955. At that point, the remaining land in the estate was handed over to the City of Adustelan, where it would be rezoned. The entirety of the remaining land wouldn't see development for many years. Blightsinger Street was created just to the south of the residence in 1959. A water tower was added to the northwestern portion of the estate in 1964 but removed in 1970, however the house itself was neglected for many years. In 1966, when Carraway Island began diplomatic relations with Japan, the site was considered as the prime candidate for Japan's embassy in Adustelan. The house ultimately received this designation in 1967.

After that, the remaining land was used to develop several buildings in the newly developing Holland Hill Plaza area: the Adustelan Bank Tower (1967), 1 & 2 Holland Hill Plaza (1969, but would be rebuilt as the Embassy of the United States in 1979), the Holland Hill Stock Exchange (1974), and 57 Myrtle Avenue (1980).

Development in Minecraft

StaticAnnouncement began the foundation of 6 Blightsinger (soon to become the Embassy of Japan, Adustelan) on January 27, 2015, after making Blightsinger Street itself just moments earlier. The building's exterior was finished the following day.

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