Elijah S. Crestman Memorial Hospital (2015-present)

The Elijah S. Crestman Memorial Hospital is an academic teaching and research hospital in City Center, Adustelan, replacing an earlier hospital of the same name on a different site in the neighborhood of Jennaviva, which was destroyed on March 30, 2015. After several delays, the hospital opened in November 2015.

The hospital is owned by Devoner University. In 2018, Devoner began the process of incorporating the hospital into their adjacent Quarry Pit Graduate Campus that was being developed; the process was completed on January 4, 2019.

The new hospital is served by the Adustelan Metro via the renamed Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (A,C,E) station.

Development in Minecraft

The new hospital, like the old one, was constructed by StaticAnnouncement. The hospital began construction in November 2015, but progress stalled beyond construction of a single wall for several years.

Progress on the build was resumed on December 29, 2018. While still incomplete, the area was incorporated into Devoner's flagship medical campus on January 4, 2019.

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