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Dunnage Memorial Bridge
Dunnage Memorial Bridge at dawn, with Rolf Island in the foreground, in April 2014
Dunnage Memorial Bridge at dawn, with Rolf Island in the foreground, in April 2014
General Information
Bridge Type "Twisted" Tied-Arch
Crosses Jennaviva River
Construction Started March 30, 1984
Completed 1986
Location City of Adustelan

(connects the neighborhoods of Habercore and Jennaviva)

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Traffic Information
Carries 2 lanes of CIR 3.png Jennaviva Boulevard
Toll Free
Technical Details
Longest Span 618 ft

(total length is 1,477 ft)

Vertical Clearance 15 ft
Clearance Below 40 ft
Longest bridge in Adustelan? 1986-present
Primary Building Materials Iron, Snow (?!), Stone
Added to ARHP Never

The Dunnage Memorial Bridge is a twisted tied-arch bridge built across the Jennaviva River connecting the neighborhoods of Habercore and Jennaviva in the City of Adustelan. It carries two lanes of Carraway Island Route 3, locally known as Jennaviva Boulevard.

The bridge replaced an earlier bridge on the same site that was built in 1953 and collapsed in 1984.

History (fictional)

The original Dunnage Avenue Bridge was completed in 1953. Constructed in an Art-deco style, it was a suspension bridge that carried 4 lanes of the former Dunnage Avenue across the Jennaviva River. The bridge was heavily used by commercial traffic coming from the ports of West Piers. On the afternoon of January 2, 1984 the bridge collapsed, killing 2 people and injuring 27. It was later found that one of the bridge's supports was not properly anchored into bedrock and had slowly been shifting in the riverbed's soft sand until its ultimate collapse. The collapse also destroyed the Habercore-Rarity Street Tunnel.

Construction on the new bridge began on March 30, 1984 at the cost of US$1.2 billion. The new bridge was built with a modern curved tied-arch design that focused more on looks than functionality, which was preferred in order to gentrify the area and improve the image of the suffering post-industrial neighborhood around it, a move which sparked controversy with the Adustelan Department of Transportation. It features 1 lane of traffic in each direction.

Development in Minecraft

The bridge was constructed across the newly-excavated Jennaviva River along Dunnage Avenue, formerly known as Palmbay Avenue, in April 2014.

The bridge was renamed to reflect Dunnage Avenue's re-designation as part of Jennaviva Boulevard on September 19, 2019.