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DuPont Place on a clear day, January 2016

DuPont Place is an upscale 6-story department store located on a small footprint at 52 Ocean Avenue in the neighborhood of City Center, Adustelan.

The store building opened in 1950 and was renovated in March 1977.

Development in Minecraft

The building that is today DuPont Place was originally called the DuPont Tower, and was originally constructed by StaticAnnouncement in 2012 but not finished. The site remained entirely dormant from 2013 until August 2015, when construction duties were briefly handed over to Falconstorm after the Werkheiser Viaduct was completed. StaticAnnouncement resumed construction duties on August 8, 2015, and the building was widened and completed at a height much shorter than originally anticipated.