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Adustelan Metro Station
D/E Platform after opening in February 2014
D/E Platform after opening in February 2014
Station Statistics
Lines D, E, G
Location Dartervale, Adustelan


Station Status Operating
Structure Underground
Platforms 2
Rank Unknown
Other Information
Opened 2001

Services Added 2014

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Added to ARHP Never
Station Succession
Next Station North Walkfront R&B (Line D)

Chancellor (Line E)

Next Station South Quinton-Meridian Street (Lines D/E)
Next Station East Amarillo Street-Kempton (Line G)
Next Station West Fischbach Avenue Promenade (Line G)
D/E Platform after opening in February 2014
Stations of the Adustelan Metro

Dartervale is a major transfer station in the Adustelan Metro. It is serviced at all times by Lines D, E, and G.

History (fictional)

The station was originally a maintenance area in Dartervale on the A Line of the Adustelan Rapid Transit System, that shut down with the rest of the line in 1966. When the abandoned line was converted to the G Line in 1999, the area was gutted and underwent substantial renovations. The new station opened to the public on July 11, 2001.

The station closed in mid 2013 to begin planning for added service for Lines D and E, which were both being expanded and rerouted. The services were routed to a maintenance area spared by the initial gutting and as such was renovated to the theme of the more modern metro stations. The new platform was finished and the station reopened on February 16, 2014.

Development in Minecraft

Save for the northern entrance, the station was completely constructed from February 15-16, 2014 by StaticAnnouncement. Contrary to the fictional history, the D and E platforms were built prior to the G platform.

The northern entrance was added over two years later, on February 29, 2016.

Southern Station Entry Area