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Adustelan Metro Station
Constitution Square
Main Station Concourse, August 2018
Main Station Concourse, August 2018
Station Statistics
Lines G, X1
Location Intersection of Whitegale Avenue and East Kempton Road

East Kempton, Adustelan CW024

Station Status Operating
Structure Underground
Platforms 2
Rank Unknown
Other Information
Opened G Platform: 1920 (as Line A), Reopened in 1999

X1 Platform: 2013

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Added to ARHP Never
Station Succession
Next Station South Crosscourts (X1 Shuttle)
Next Station East Lynnthomas Street (Line G)
Next Station West Amarillo Street-Kempton (Line G)
Main Station Concourse, August 2018
Stations of the Adustelan Metro

Constitution Square is a major transfer station on the Adustelan Metro. It is serviced at all times by the G Line and is also the northern terminus for the X1 Shuttle.

It is named for Constitution Square, located across the intersection from the station entrance.

History (fictional)

The station originally opened in 1920 as a station of the Old A Line. When the original three-line subway system was phased out in favor of the new Adustelan Metro between 1962 and 1966, all of the stations on the Old A Line, including Constitution Square, fell into a state of disrepair. The station was renovated, however, as part of a project upgrading the Old A Line and integrating it into the new system. The line would be renamed the G Line, and its platform at Constitution Square would open once again in 1999.

The X1 Shuttle platform was modeled after the original platform, and was built below and perpendicular to the original. It was completed in December 2013.